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Oral Surgery Post Op

Healing following oral surgery is usually fast and uncomplicated if you follow the directions below:

1. Bite on gauze for 30 minutes after surgery to encourage the bleeding to clot. Replace the sponges with new moistened gauze for another 30 minutes if fresh, red blood is present. If bleeding continues after this time, bite on a teabag for 30 minutes. If you are still bleeding contact our office.
2. Do not drink or eat hot foods today, as you may dissolve or loosen the blood clot. Eat cool, soft, nutritious foods today.
3. Do not "suck" on the wound site for the next few days. You may disturb the blood clot, causing bleeding, slow healing and/or bond pain often called a "dry socket".
4. Do not eat hard foods for a few days in the part of your mouth where the surgery was accomplished. You could disturb healing.
5. Do not overexert yourself during the next 24 hours.
6. If pain persists after several days, please contact us for instructions.
7. If instructed by your doctor, use cold packs (ice in plastic bag) on the outside of your face near the surgery site for two hours when you arrive home. Usually alternating 10 minutes on the face and 10 minutes off for an hour is adequate.
8. You may elect to manage the discomfort with Ibuprofen (if not allergic). 

You should be healed from this surgery very soon. Please call us if any questions arise. Thank you.


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